Conan: The Hyborian Age

Session 2
In Pursuit of a Stygian

Following an ultimatum given my a mercenary company, the group decided to turn over a mysterious box to a Stygian wizard backed by a Vanir woman named Freya and a Kushite man named Ajonga.

The group followed the mercenaries across the Kothian Desert and into Shem. There, they entered the city of Eruk where the Free Companions were staying. A plan was hatched to poison some number of the Free Company, but before the plan could see fruition a tavern altercation led to a criminal organization called The Hand wanting revenge on the party. Many of The Hand were slain.

Leaving Eruk, the party waited for the Free Company to continue south. Unfortunately they had rid themselves of the mysterious box. A challenge of single combat between Ajonga and Magnus resulted in a loss for Magnus. His greatsword was sundered and his life spared.

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